Welcome to Warforge

Warforge is a community for people interested in modifying and building new rules for board and war games.

Why was Warforge created?

Warforge was created after we noticed other game companies handled community modification and rules committees poorly.

Realizing that copyright law can often prohibit veteran fans of a game from distributing and releasing new rules and supplements for their favorite games, Warforge was born to solve that problem.

Two years ago, we contacted Ronnie Renton at Mantic Games to see if he'd be interested in being the first company to work with us.

A lot of work behind the scenes has happened in the last two years, and in November 2012, we are happy to finally launch the site, and release Mantic's Kings of War game to the world.

We hope the community will enjoy Warforge, publish their own games and that we'll expand to future games (start nagging Ronnie immediately!)

Who runs Warforge?

Warforge is run by Foo Communications, the company behind the ever-popular music site, Libre.fm. Libre.fm does for music, what Warforge does for games.

Foo is run by Matt Lee (mattl) and Rob Myers (robmyers).

Last modified: Sun Nov 4 05:22:00 GMT 2012